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Three challenges to overcome

Challenge #1

Consistently booking great clients and projects.

The kind of projects that are exciting and make a difference, that pay you well and value your professional perspective. 

You may feel afraid to reach out to those studios and clients you are excited to work with, and when you do finally hit "send", you get no reply, and are wondering why.

Challenge #2

"I don't have enough time".

You may have a good idea on what steps you can take, but feel overwhelmed with everything else going on in life right now.

So taking another course, working on a personal project and investing in yourself feels like too much to handle.

Challenge #3

"I'm not motivated".

When you do have time to do some creative work, it's hard to stay motivated... 

That new season of that show is waiting for you, a new video game just launched or went on discount, and you must play it. You just feel too drained at the end of the day, and you lose interest in your own projects.

The truth is making creative work you love and being well paid isn't that far from reality, if you understand how to work on overcoming these three challenges.

Start with baby steps

Baby steps in learning how to manage your time and goals, and getting stuff done...

Imagine yourself working with clients who pay you well, and are excited to work with you, because you both clearly see how you are going to make great things together.

I have the pleasure of hearing artists tell me that through the course they have been able to increase their project income by 60% by simply changing how they interview and communicate during a project.

I don't promise a secret formula for success and money, in fact I believe there isn't one. This course is a tool, designed to simplify your career, and enjoy the process of turning your passion into a way of making a good living. Or even some nice side income.

And my favorite part is that because it is a tool, it doesn't make you change your unique creative voice, it empowers you to make you a good living with your own taste and passion, let me show you how...

This course begins with your mindset

By addressing false beliefs that are blocking your progress.

Your mindset and how you take action are key to you growing as a creative, and is the first obstacle we will work on removing.

And honestly, it feels great to break down thoughts and mindsets that aren't helping you grow.

After that we will go over a fundamental and simple method of making daily progress towards powerful goals. And even though it feels great to reach your objectives, you know what is better? 

The fun journey and how much you will see yourself grow as a creative.

Once you understand the fundamentals of working on your mindset and setting powerful goals, you'll notice how time feels more under control and less intimidating. And at the end of the day you will still find yourself motivated and ready for what tomorrow may bring.

5 steps clients and studios will take to book or hire you

After goals, we'll address every step, and teach you how to walk through them with your ideal clients and studios.

(The more you practice and repeat this cycle, like a wheel it moves you forward towards your powerful goals.)

1 - Uncover the real problems your clients and studios are facing. Clients and studios have money to spend and are actively looking for people to help them, if you understand the problem and its value, you are much more likely to get booked.

2 - Show them how you solve their problems. Start building healthy business relationships and communicate how your skills will make their lives better.

3 - Negotiate win-win deals, and get paid for the true value of your skills. Enter the money conversation with confidence and leave the meeting with both you and your client feeling good about the deal.

4 - Communicate efficiently as you work on the project. Put your clients at ease and avoid countless revisions.

5 - Nail the ending, deliver great work, get positive recommendations and reviews. This step is key, just ask any successful creative about the power of word of mouth.

As you are growing and practicing each step you will also learn how to...

Develop your unique style and communicate it professionally

Create habits and tools that help you stay productive, increase your focus and have more fun working on your passion
Learn how to arrange your work and portfolio
to attract great clients and projects, and help you get booked consistently

Negotiate great rates while making both you and your client happy

Manage your career efficiently, so you can focus on your craft, what you are really excited and passionate about

Learn what to charge and feel confident and good about the value you bring and what an appropriate rate is

It's about getting you real results

Included in the course are practical activities where we will dive into lessons on a deeper level and make it simple for you to put into practice and actually get results. This actually makes the course more compact and effective, without loosing its value. Instead of long hour videos covering unnecessary details.

The activities are also designed to help you reward yourself for completing them, to help you be excited to do the next one.

So, you go through the course but still have questions...

...and would love to have the instructor sit with you, answer your questions and make sure you get it right.

When you join the course you will have access to live group calls with the course author to share your course activities, your portfolio, and the challenges you are currently facing.

Additionally, you'll have access to an exclusive community with other professional creatives helping each other grow and share ideas.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Overview

Week 1 - Mindset
  • Truths and lies about the creative business
  • What are great clients looking for?
  • Investigate, plan and act
Week 2 - Taking action
  • Powerful goals you care about
  • The client booking cycle overview

Week 3 - Uncover
  • Your clients real problems
  • Creating ideal client profiles

Week 4 - Show proof
  • Where do you find your ideal clients?
  • How do you reach out to them?

Week 5 - Portfolio
  • Learn how to set up a portfolio that attracts your ideal clients and encourages them to reach out to you
Week 6 - Negotiate win-win deals
  • Negotiate and get booked
  • The power of written agreements

Week 7 - Work on the project
  • Working on projects with your clients
  • Clear communication
  • Breaking down your work

Week 8 - Nail the ending
  • Deliver projects that meet and even exceed expectations
  • Get great reviews and word of mouth

Bonus Content
  • Discussions where we dive deeper into the specifics of applying the course content
  • Future updates

"I really wish I had this course when I started freelancing"

Here is what Motion Graphics artist Frederik Eksteen had to say after taking the course.


"This helped me focus on fundamentals to become a successful well-paid creative professional.

It is like a good interactive handbook and guided me through the process...

I find myself going back to certain parts of the course and referencing individual chapters and checklists when I reach out to a client, write a cover letter, or decide on the next piece for my portfolio. And with lifetime access and updates, I know it is there when I need it, in the future.

Whether you are looking to become a strong job candidate and make a living as a creative professional or seek to level up your business game, work with high-caliber clients, and double your income, this course will help you focus on what matters the most for your goals and provide the tools to successfully achieve them.

All this while having fun in good company!"

-Andrey Agafonov | 3D Artist

"After taking this course I feel much more confident about my workflow. The tools that I learned here have made the creative process more effective and enjoyable for me.

Alan's lessons helped me to clearly define my career goals, and gave me the tools to move towards them."
Matías Gárate | Astrophysicist & 3D Artist
"Alan is a great teacher and amazing coach. I can clearly see how much he cares about people who attend this course, and he has a lot to share.

I truly believe that even after finishing we will keep in touch."

Valeriia Samoilenko

"Understanding how to construct an ideal graphic artist portfolio alone was worth the price of the course.

The advice you and Alec contributed to the course, on what you look for when hiring freelancers and full-time artists was great information."
Shane Filippe

"I got the job!

One of the things you told me once: Think about what they really want, imagine yourself in their position. You can still make an offer, even though you are a freelancer form a different country, and the job says "locals only".

So I wrote my application based on what you told me and it simply worked, I got the job!

I wanted to say THANK YOU! (yes, in capital letters)

It's not so often that you get advice that really makes a difference."

-Kenji Aito | 3D Designer

When I tried to make it professionally...

I realized I knew how to make stuff I was excited about, but I didn't know how to turn it into a successful career.

► My first client didn't pay me until 6 months after I completed my first project

► Attempted to make several short films and personal projects that didn't result in anything

► Accepted almost any bad project because I thought I needed the money

► Started dreading working on the things I was once passionate about

So after struggling for several years I decided something needed to change.

I took every tool and opportunity I could find, like books, courses, events and advice from other creative freelancers, and I started applying all the new information in my own life.

The results were a doubling of my income every year.

Went from doing part-time pizza delivery to working on the Emmys. (I still love pizza)

Have learned to have joy in the journey and the process, not just the results

► Overcame obstacles that felt too big and too much for me to handle

Started seeing results and potential in me, where others around me did not

► Now get to lead meetings, creatively direct projects and enjoy opening my CG tools again

What I realized is that there is a difference between hoping it's possible and knowing it's possible, I want to share this experiences, so you can know what's it like and how to do so consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer for your question? Contact us here.

How does this course work?

Lessons and activities will be released weekly* until you have access to all the content.

The course is composed of powerful knowledge, practical activities and a supportive community.

In the video lessons I teach the fundamental knowledge, and after you complete most lessons can download activities to put into practice what you are learning, so you get results.

After that I encourage you to share with other students and myself your progress in the community, so we can continue to guide you on your journey.

*If you want access to all the content straight away, you can simply email us and request access.

I am already freelancing, will this course work for me?

Yes, with the tools and knowledge inside you will be able to grow faster, spot which areas of your business/career might be weaker and keeping you from getting even better clients. If you are aware of them you can focus your efforts on strengthening them and get better results.

What if I buy the course and already know everything?

If you are already doing well with your freelance business that's great! You can put into practice all the activities and share and learn from the community.

And if you really don’t get much from this course, email us, and we will give you a full refund in the first 30 days after you purchased the course.

What if I don’t want to freelance and only get a full time job?

Everything in this course still applies to getting full time jobs, like nailing interviews, negotiating salaries and working with your team to make great work.

By learning more about business and problem-solving it makes you all the more valuable for your company, because you understand on a deeper level what their challenges are and how to overcome them.

And the great thing is, if you want to make some extra money on the side, you will know exactly how to do it.

Will this course teach me to make CG work for my portfolio?

This course counts on you already having some software experience (around a year) and having made some portfolio pieces or at least have intentions of making your first portfolio. We will not teach you how to make your next CG artwork.

What we will cover how to structure your portfolio to effectively attract and guide your ideal clients to want to reach out to you and hire you/book you for projects.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After the course is finished, you'll have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We don't want you to be unhappy with the course, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days, and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Have more questions?

Shoot us an email here.

Let's get started on this exciting journey to boost your creative career and get results you can be proud of.

Everything I share in the course has made a huge difference in my life, and I believe it can make a real difference in yours too.

The experience of applying to great projects with confidence, nailing the interviews, negotiating great deals and enjoying working with your clients is worth the effort of learning what it takes to become a professional digital artist.

I am excited to have you join in, share with you all I know, and then watch you succeed.

See you inside!

This course is closed for enrollment.