⭐ 10.5 - 3D Sculpting in Substance Painter

Using the amazing the CARVE filter by Genc Buxheli, I will show you how to combine the power of automatic UVs, displacement and tesselation export to be able to bring Zbrush-like capabilities directly to Painter. That's right - we will not only paint the Height map, but actually displace and change the geometry and be able to later export the changes back to Blender!



  • 00:28 - What you need to make it work
  • 01:07 - Preparing the Skull model
  • 02:38 - Installing the CARVE filter
  • 04:52 - Sculpting with CARVE
  • 08:16 - Adding more layers to the sculpt and combining with other tools
  • 08:53 - The bone Material
  • 11:25 - Exporting to Blender


  • F1 | 3d/2d split screen

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